Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Harnessing Human Nature

Posted in response to this question on Quora:
Democracy: What is the essence of the political forces fighting against the progress of democracy?

The primary force fighting against democracy is human nature.  Whether or not you consider human nature a 'political force' is an open question, but it's the place to start.  The progress of democracy is sporadic because learning to harness human nature in a productive fashion is a slow process.

Democracy will be more successful when we devise a method of selecting political leaders that makes integrity an important character trait.  If integrity is to be important, it must be vital to those who choose the candidates.  When we devise a candidate selection process that ensures office-seekers are carefully examined by peers seeking the same office, candidates will have to exhibit not only their ability but their probity, if they wish to be selected.

Fred Gohlke

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